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Up Next: G. Washington, America's Master Politician

I’ve just signed with a Penguin imprint, New American Library, to write a book about The Big Guy — GWash himself, the Master of Mount Vernon, the man-myth who was indisputably the key figure in the founding of the United States and without whom, well, things would have gone very different and a whole lot…

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The Porteous Articles

With the Senate impeachment trial of Judge G. Thomas Porteous of New Orleans coming up in August, I took a swing at the impeachment articles against Porteous in an item on Huffington Post.  Although Judge Porteous has a lot of conduct to explain, there are some constitutional issues surrounding the articles against him, including: Whether…

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How Would You Change the Constitution?

With the anniversary of the beginning of the Constitutional Convention drawing nigh (May 25), I started thinking about ways in which we should be changing the Constitution.  I posted a first cut on that today at Huffington Post.

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China and the Fourteenth Amendment

Most countries default on their debt now and again, but the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution says that the United States won’t. When President Obama visited China, I started to wonder about the significance of this guarantee to the massive to Chinese investment in U.S. government debt. Then I started wondering how good that guarantee…

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Impeachment Season

We started this year of impeachment with Governor Blago in Illinois.  Then federal Judge Sam Kent in Houston went down.  And now Gov. Mark Sanford of South Caroline — he of the Appalachian Trail euphemism — may be next up on the impeachment hit parade. My musings on this impeachment surfeit are at Huffington Post.

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Electoral College Mumbo-Jumbo

The electoral college is a barnacle on American democracy. I argued this point in The Summer of 1787, and in a piece in the Los Angeles Times last year. The delegates to the Philadephia Convention liked the electoral college for the reason I don’t: it defeats democracy. They hoped that the electors would be wise…

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