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Archive for July 2010

Do You Know Where These Maps Are?

Writing books about history means trying to find out secrets that once were not secrets.  In my current project about Aaron Burr and his dream of creating an American empire, I am feverishly trying to track down three maps that Burr was using when he was arrested for treason in Mississippi, which supposedly provide insight into…

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Say Hello to Matt Stewart's "The French Revolution"!

On Bastille Day (that’s Wednesday, July 14), the newest Stewart literary triumph takes to the bookshelves — Matt Stewart’s debut novel, The French Revolution, will officially launch.  OK, I’m only slightly biased, since he is my son, but it’s a terrific read, and I hope you will check it out.  I stress, however, that although I…

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New Perspectives on New Orleans and Jefferson

I treasure books that help me look at familiar things in a new way, and have just finished two that do that:  Ned Sublette’s The World the Made New Orleans, and Roger Kennedy’s Mr. Jefferson’s Lost Cause.  Though neither book is quite new, they were new to me. Sublette is one of those appalling people…

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