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Archive for November 2009

The Wit and Wisdom of Aaron Burr

In my current work on the conspiracy of former Vice President Aaron Burr in 1805-07, I am constantly coming across epigrams that flowed from the pen of Burr.  I will cram as many as I can in the book.  Until then, I have resolved to share them in this forum. So, for our first entry,…

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China and the Fourteenth Amendment

Most countries default on their debt now and again, but the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution says that the United States won’t. When President Obama visited China, I started to wonder about the significance of this guarantee to the massive to Chinese investment in U.S. government debt. Then I started wondering how good that guarantee…

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Jack Miller, 1924-2009

I have known only a few great lawyers, and one of them was Jack Miller, a/k/a Herbert J. Miller, Jr., “poor old Miller” (how he referred to himself), and “Nixon’s lawyer.”  He died over the weekend, and should be remembered.  Jack’s achievements as a lawyer were remarkable.  He argued and won important Supreme Court cases. …

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November 19: Can we handle the truth?

Next Thursday at lunchtime, I try something entirely new:  a joint public appearance with my wife, Nancy Floreen, member at-large of the Montgomery County Council!  We’ll be at the Literary Luncheon series of the Friends of the Library of Montgomery County, at Strathmore Hall Mansion in North Bethesda, MD.  The fun starts at 11:30 a.m.…

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