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Archive for August 2010

Finally: "The Summer of 1787" in Arabic!

The Kalima Project, an Abu Dhabi organization which translates Western works into Arabic in order increase understanding between the Western and Muslim worlds, has just announced its publication of The Summer of 1787 in Arabic translation.  Extremely cool.  

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Start-up: New On-line Book Review

In September, the AIW Freedom to Write Fund will attempt to organize and launch an on-line book review.  We need web designers, editors, enthusiastic readers, and — of course — reviewers.  The following notice went out to late last week to invite participants. A message to all AIW Members from David Stewart, President of the…

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Reclaiming King Richard III

So who killed the two little princes in the Tower of London in 1485?  Having just reread Josephine Tey’s wonderful The Daughter of Time, first published in 1951, I am newly impressed with the power of an old mystery when subjected to careful reasoning. Tey, whose real name was Elizabeth MacKintosh, chose an enduring legend of…

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Gingrich, Nazis, and the Manhattan Mosque

I got fed up, over on Huffington Post, with Brother Newt’s most recent fallacious adventure in analogy-land: Muslim community center + 2 blocks from ground zero = Nazis + 2 blocks from Holocaust Museum The analogy only works if a Muslim community center is the same as a Nazi party building.  That is, the analogy is totally…

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