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Archive for October 2012

James Madison on War

James Madison, a good deal of the time, wrote with terrific insight.  In a 1795 pamphlet, he summarized his thinking about the impact of war on a democratic society.  Remember that he had been a boy through the French and Indian War (ended when he was 12) and a young political official and congressional delegate through eight…

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The Lincoln Deception!

That’s the title — just agreed to by all interested parties — for my novel about the John Wilkes Booth conspiracy!  It will be released by Kensington Publishing next September.  It’s an historical mystery that explores the secrets behind the John Wilkes Booth Conspiracy. Watch for it next September:  The Lincoln Deception. I like it.

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A True Collector, Part 2

We last left our hero in the Dallas library of Harlan Crow, admiring the paintings of three World War II leaders (Eisenhower, Churchill, and Hitler).  Outside the library, however, lurked even greater wonders:  a collection of gigantic statues of some of the 20th centuries most monstrous dictators, including — Lenin Stalin Mao Tse Tung Chou…

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A True Collector, part 1

While in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Harlan Crow Library, which is in Mr. Crow’s home.  It was an amazing treat.  After making our way past a couple of Charles Willson Peale portraits, we proceeded into his World War II room (or so I…

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