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Archive for July 2011

Top 10 Government Showdowns

In honor of the debt-ceiling drama playing out here in Washington, Time Magazine has put together a list of Top 10 Government Showdowns in American history.  I was initially delighted that the subjects of all three of my books made the list (indicated below).  Then I started wondering about the quality of the list, and…

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Great Early Reviews for "American Emperor"

Though the book is still three months away from the bookstores, two early reviews for American Emperor are gratifying.  In today’s Kansas City Star, Professor Glenn Altschuler of Cornell University calls the book a “compelling, provocative” portrait of Aaron Burr.  He also write: “In American Emperor David O. Stewart, a lawyer practicing in Washington, D.C.,…

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Burr v. Hamilton: 207 years ago

The New York Times today commemorated the 207th anniversary of the Burr-Hamilton duel with an account of a journey to Weehawken that I took with the Times reporter, James Barron.  (Purists will note that the true anniversary of the duel is tomorrow, July 11.)  The journey, and Mr. Barron’s excellent account, reflect the extent to…

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