Burr v. Hamilton: 207 years ago

The New York Times today commemorated the 207th anniversary of the Burr-Hamilton duel with an account of a journey to Weehawken that I took with the Times reporter, James Barron.  (Purists will note that the true anniversary of the duel is tomorrow, July 11.)  The journey, and Mr. Barron’s excellent account, reflect the extent to which history continues to favor the loser of the duel and to leave Burr out in the cold —

  • The monument in Weehawken before which I stand in the photo above is of Hamilton, not Burr.  There is no Burr memorial.
  • The monument is located on Hamilton Avenue.
  • The ferryboat we took from Manhattan was the Jefferson.
  • The ferryboat fleet also includes the Hamilton. There is, however, no Burr in the fleet.


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