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Archive for September 2009

Happy Constitution Day!

OK, OK, it’s a contrived holiday, invented by Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia during those few moments when he hasn’t been scheming to transfer federal agency offices into his home state.  (His triumph is the U.S. Coast Guard Operations Center in Martinsburg, WV, several hundred miles from any coast . . .. .)But, as…

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On the Road Again . . .

Summer’s over when it’s time to go out and hustle books.  So this Thursday (Constitution Day!) I’ll be at St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland at 4:30, speaking on The Summer of 1787.  Then it’s back to Impeached, which will be my topic next Wednesday, September 23, at the National Archives in DC, at noon. …

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Impeachment Season

We started this year of impeachment with Governor Blago in Illinois.  Then federal Judge Sam Kent in Houston went down.  And now Gov. Mark Sanford of South Caroline — he of the Appalachian Trail euphemism — may be next up on the impeachment hit parade. My musings on this impeachment surfeit are at Huffington Post.

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