Start-up: New On-line Book Review

In September, the AIW Freedom to Write Fund will attempt to organize and launch an on-line book review.  We need web designers, editors, enthusiastic readers, and — of course — reviewers.  The following notice went out to late last week to invite participants.

A message to all AIW Members from David Stewart, President of the Freedom to Write Fund, AIW’s 501c3 foundation.

The Cure for the Vanishing Book Review!

  •        Have you noticed that it’s more and more difficult to find thoughtful reviews of interesting books? 

    •     Are you spending more time poking around the Internet looking for reliable, entertaining guidance on what you might read next?  Or for book reviews so good that you don’t have to read the book yourself?
    •    Would you like to do some reviewing yourself?  To share some extraordinary writing you have stumbled upon?  To expose as a true fraud someone who is selling gazillions of volumes?  And would you like to post it somewhere other than your own blog, cross-posted on Facebook (which, you know for a fact, is read faithfully by your college roommates and close family members)
        •  Can you spare a few hours a week or month to edit an online book review – choosing books to review, dreaming up features, editing and posting content?
      • No, these questions are not designed to be an annoying imitation of Andy Rooney’s annoying schtick on 60 Minutes.  They are designed to get you away from the keyboard and down to a planning session of an online book review that the AIW Freedom to Write Fund intends to launch this fall:  The Washington Independent Review of Books.

        We need reviewers and editors.  We need book bloggers and designers.  Shoot, you could turn out to be in charge.  Together we can put together a fun, stimulating, lean, and restless book review website that entertains and enlightens.

        Please join us on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 7 p.m., at the offices of American Independent Writers, 1000 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 701.  Let’s do something great! RSVP to

        Think about it!  Even if you can’t make the meeting, and don’t live in the DC area, the miracle of the Internet can make you part of this venture.  We need your help.

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