The Wit and Wisdom of Aaron Burr

In my current work on the conspiracy of former Vice President Aaron Burr in 1805-07, I am constantly coming across epigrams that flowed from the pen of Burr.  I will cram as many as I can in the book.  Until then, I have resolved to share them in this forum.

So, for our first entry, from a letter to his daughter Theodosia in late 1804, some months after he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel:

What a dull thing is sense.  How it mars half the pleasure of life, and yet how contemptible is all that has it not.  Too much sense, by which I mean only a great deal, is very troublesome to the possessor and to the world.  It is like one carrying a huge pack through a crowd.  He is constantly hitting and annoying somebody, and is, in turn, annoyed and jostled by every one.


pic_burr_a.jpgAnd if you don’t care for that one, there’s lots more where that came from.

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