Colonel Burr is going to the National Book Festival

I am very happy to report that I will be talking about Colonel Burr and his Western expedition at the National Book Festival on the Mall in Washington, DC.  I’m scheduled for Sunday afternoon, September 23, thought the exact time has not been set.

The festival is a great two-day event which was first organized by Laura Bush when she was First Lady — an unadulterated good that came from the Second Bush Ascendancy!  I’m not only tickled to be invited, but also humbled by the company I will (sort of) be keeping.  Other authors at the event will include T.C. Boyle, Robert Caro, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Jeffrey Eugenides, John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Friedman, Linda Greenhouse, Tony Horwitz, Mario Vargas Llosa, Thomas Mallon, and Philip Roth (my personal favorite novelist).

The National Book Festival, on a very pretty day

So do come down to the Mall if you have a chance.  You can check out the cool authors, and come by to see me, too!


  1. Nate Levin on June 19, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    You’ve got plenty of that authorial coolness, too IMHO.

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