The Original Jersey Boys

I have a new article at about Aaron Burr and his posse of North Jersey pals from Elizabeth, “The Original Jersey Boys.”  The four boyhood friends achieved much — heroes of the Revolution, three became senators, one was Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Burr was vice president.

Early Elizabethtown, NJ (now Elizabeth)

But they also failed greatly.  Two were indicted for treason, a third ended up in debtor’s prison in his old age while losing the landmark Commerce Clause decision in the Supreme Court, Gibbons v. OgdenCheck it out!

Senator, Speaker of the House, and indicted for treason: Jonathan Dayton


  1. George Borababy on December 10, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    Where may I get a copy of your Jersey Boys article? Thank you.

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