The Lincoln Deception

the lincoln deception

Well, there it is!  The cover of my first novel, which will be released on August 27.   Sink into the crepuscular gaslight of Washington in 1900 as our mismatched heroes struggle to scrape away the myths, misunderstandings and lies surrounding the John Wilkes Booth Conspiracy, while dodging the powerful secret forces that need to keep the secrets . . . secret.

Exciting?  It sure is to me.  And it’s even available for pre-order at Amazon and Booksense (for independent bookstores)!  So far, some early comments have been very generous —

  • “David O. Stewart dramatically reopens the file on the Lincoln assassination conspiracy with a nail-biting, historically grounded page turner. Where the facts end and the fiction begins will inspire plenty of debate. Meanwhile enjoy this for the terrific read Stewart provides.”

Harold Holzer, author of Lincoln, official young adult companion book to the Stephen Spielberg film.

  •  “David O. Stewart has done more than write an historical novel: The Lincoln Deception is concocted in the best traditions of the genre. He’s unearthed a remote, fascinating and still-relevant tidbit from the past, then brought it to breathless, riveting life with vivid prose, top-notch research, stunning evocations of turn-of-the-century America, and masterful urgency. Entertaining, educating, and elevating.”

David L. Robbins, Author of War of the Rats and The Devil’s Waters

  •  “David O. Stewart, a distinguished writer of historical nonfiction, brings off a remarkable feat in his debut novel.  Seizing on the enigmatic last words of the man who prosecuted the Booth conspirators, Stewart transforms a little-known aspect of Lincoln assassination lore into a gripping mystery story.  With its sharp plotting and engaging characters, the novel succeeds as both a thriller and a historical inquiry.”

Daniel Stashower, author of The Hour of Peril: The Secret Plot to Murder Lincoln Before the Civil War

I hope you all love it!


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